Mermerler Corporate Group
    Main Distributor of Turkey
İn recent years political and economics changes in the World as a result of the difficulty of moving we are aware of. Especially, necessary change in the face of economic change constantly, as Mermerler Group to capture opportunities we continue to work.

Zafer Murat MERMER


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About Us

MUZAFFER MERMER who started its business life at young ages in order to serve to the economic and social development of KIRSEHIR city in a rapid and balanced way and to take charge in these development by itself, especially for the purpose of making investments in the industry field, planted the seeds of the group in 1943 in KIRSEHIR. As a result of the steps he had taken with his entrepreneurial spirit, MERMERLER CORPORATE GROUP has become one of the leading business organizations of TURKEY.

"MERMERLER" whose foundations lie on Muzaffer Mermer's principles of strict discipline and mutual respect is a group which had succeeded in professionally institutionalizing without separating the family by protecting the love and respect between the its members Today and making them professionals in a corporate scope of view.

Institutions affiliated with MERMERLER CORPORATE GROUP which proceeds its way with the principle of WHAT HE HAVE ACHIEVED IS THE ASSURANCE OF WHAT WE WILL ACHIEVE' and which is developed by the collaboration of the family members and made a great contribution to the TURKISH economy;

Our Brands

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